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If your business needs the strength of a Linear Low liner or cost savings of a High Density liner, INDIVIDUAL has you covered. Use the three simple steps and the table below to find the perfect liner for your business.

Three Steps To Choosing The Right Can Liner

The range of sizes, weights, and types of can liners is nearly overwhelming. How do you figure out which can liner you need? We have developed an easy 3-step method to make shopping for can liners easy.
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Determine the proper can liner type.

There are two types of resins commonly used to manufacture can liners: Linear Low and High Density. To decide which on you need, answer this question: “Are sharp objects being thrown away?”.

If yes, you need Linear Low (gauge/mils). If no, you need High Density (gauge/microns).

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What size container does the liner need to fit?

Ideally, you should have about three to four inches of overhang on the trash receptacles. The following are some guidelines to use when choosing the right size can liner.

A. Use the compatibility chart on the below table.
B. The gallon capacity or the size is usually printed on the container.

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How much does the liner need to hold?

Here you’ll need to do some calculation. You need to determine the average weight of a full can liner in your environment.

Once you have decided on the number, check the product grid in the below table under the can liner type and size that you have selected. Go across the grid to the column marked “Max Load”. Find the number closest to the average weight figure you calculated and that’s the can liner you need.

Liner Product Table

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Liner Style
Case Pack
Liners/Roll Roll/Case
Gallon Capacity
Max Load - lbs








Load – lbs

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